La La Anthony Opens Up About “Ups And Downs” After Public Separation

LaLa Anthony has opened up about her very public separation with her husband NBA Carmelo Anthony. She recently did with US Weekly where she talks about how having a good attitude towards things helped her get through a tough time.

“I learned that life is filled with ups and downs and it’s just about how you react to them,” Anthony, 36, told Us Weekly on Tuesday, December 11, while discussing Lysol’s One Less Sick Day initiative to help prevent the spread of cold and flu in classrooms. “You can get down on yourself and just be like, ‘Oh, the world’s ending,’ and just, you know, really be hard on yourself, or you can say, ‘I’m not the first and I won’t be the last, this happens to people,’ you know, ups and downs, and you just gotta keep pushing forward. I proved to myself that I can overcome a lot of things that probably would have broken some people.”

Over the past few weeks things have been looking up for La La and Melo they’ve been spotted several times together publicly looking very affectionate. Still when it comes to rougher times, La La says she just sharpens her focus.

“For me, I dive into Kiyan and work and I keep myself focused and keep going,”

La La also talked about her holiday plans and said she expects to be surrounded by family and spend some quality time at home with her loved ones.

“We’ll probably be here in New York … I love the holidays here in New York and just excited to take some time off and just be together, watch TV, watch movies and just kinda chill out … I have a big family, so everybody’s always together cooking Spanish food and just having fun. It’s so many of us, we just all love to be on top of each other. It’s literally one house with like 30 Puerto Ricans inside.”


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