Apple’s New Announcements…

Apple held a press conference at its campus in Cupertino, California. Several new content subscriptions were announced. Apple is focusing on subscription services like Apple Music, at a critical time for the company as it searches for new areas of revenue growth to compensate for stalling iPhone sales. Investors believe that Apple’s services business, which includes revenue from App Store and licensing fees in addition to monthly subscriptions, is going to drive the majority of revenue growth over the next few years.

Apple’s TV+

Apple has a new version of its TV app called “Apple TV+”  Channels that will house original  content and shows from Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Starz and showtime. It’s a big deal that apple Was able to get amazon and Hulu on board with its new TV a pp, considering apple is expected to unveil a new streaming service soon that will showcase its own original content. Amazon and Hulu could have easily declined, as both have their own apps available on many TV devices.

“We designed a new TV experience where you can pay for only the channels you want all in one app,” says Apple executive Peter Stern. The redesigned Apple TV Channels app looks a little like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You can click twice to add a new channel and purchase shows and films on demand.


Previously, the TV app could only send you to other third-party providers and recommend what to watch. But now, Apple is attempting to make its TV app a final destination for watching shows. You’ll be able to catch Apple’s new video streaming service inside the app and won’t need to be redirected to other apps as long as those companies have made deals with Apple. Apple will still continue to recommend shows for you, in a section titled “For You.”

The second half of Apple’s production included a long series of Hollywood celebrities attached to Apple productions including Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell, and Jennifer Aniston discussing their upcoming shows in a humorous manner.

Apple News / Magazine Subscription Service 

The News app buy incorporating a massive library of magazines and periodicals such as National Geographic, Vogue, Esquire, Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal and more. Over 300 magazines will be made available to read, all with rich imagery and layouts custom developed for both iPad and iPhone orientations. The library of what’s available, in total, would equate to over $8,000 USD a year worth of subscriptions, but all would be accessible by subscribers for only $9.99 USD a month with Apple News Plus.

Apple Arcade

The company’s newly developed platform for gaming, Apple’s new Arcade platform will allow subscriptions to a gaming platform that include over 100 new and exclusive video games, of which are hand-picked for its subscribers.

A highlight feature of Apple Arcade is that the platform is cross-device, so players can start the game on their iPad, continue on their iPhone while commuting to work, and finishing the chapter or continue beyond their save point once they get home on their Mac or Apple TV. Lastly, privacy importance is spotlighted once again, with the company stating Arcade will not have ads or in-app purchases. Gaming will be made available offline as well for the ultimate access and ease of play for the catalog of titles.

Apple Arcade is launching in Fall 2019 with 150+ countries coming on board as a new tab in the App Store. No pricing has been revealed for now.

Apple Card 

Tim Cook’s mega-company is back with another unique new creation: the Apple Card. Billed as a new form of credit card, the Apple Card was “built on simplicity, transparency and privacy, and designs to help customers lead a healthier financial life.” According to Apple, the Apple Card doesn’t carry any fees such as “annual, late, international or over-the-limit fees” and lower interest rates.

The card features improvements that credit card users currently face with their bank-issued plastic; exorbitant fees, unclear charge origins, confusing reward redemption, and more. As a solution, Apple Card does not have many of the fees commonly associated with financial institutions; activity within the card and app is explained clearly with properly-named establishments and exact locations of charges via GPS; and ‘Daily Cash’ rewards show how much you’re earning as a reward for spending with Apple Card, and the money can be pushed to your Cash Card balance to spend immediately.

The announcement today also revealed an alternative to the digital Apple Card — a physical credit card made of titanium and without any numbers, markings, signature or CVV code printed on it. This solution is for locations that currently do not accept Apple Pay.

A physical credit card made of titanium and without any numbers, markings, signature or CVV code printed on it. This solution is for locations that currently do not accept Apple Pay. Apple card builds on there tremendous success of Apple Pay and delivers new expires only possible with the power of iPhone.

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