Dozens Of KKK Flyers Are Found Scattered In Ellicott City, Maryland

In Ellicott City, Maryland a few dozen flyers aimed at immigrants and Jews and advocating for Ku Klux Klan membership were found scattered on Main Street, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The flyers, which totaled at about 40, were found “dumped” on the side of the road on Saturday. They didn’t seem to be aimed at any individual person or business, Howard County police department spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn said.

Instead of being out and proud, and distributing the flyers in person, someone took the sucka route and just tossed the flyers on the road, possibly from a moving car. The first flyer was found around 10:30 p.m., Llewellyn said. She went on to say that the police is seeking the public’s help. They hope security cameras might have captured footage of the car or person responsible. “We are asking that anyone with information contact us, particularly if they have doorbell cameras,” Llewellyn said.

Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman and Councilman Jon Weinstein released a joint statement on their Facebook pages Sunday morning, saying they were “saddened and disturbed that fliers filled with hate speech have been distributed in Ellicott City.” They continued, “There is no place for hate in our society and after all Ellicott City has been through in the past two years, it is heartbreaking to see this community faced with this disgusting display of antisemitism, racism and intolerance.”

Anyone who has info is asked to contact Howard County police at 410-313-2200. If anyone finds a flyer they are encouraged to report the location to police before trashing it, police said.

Maryland has experienced a sharp increase in formal reports that people were harassed, threatened or attacked because of their religion, sexual orientation or race. In total, Maryland law enforcement agencies received 398 reports of hate or bias last year, which is up more than a third from 2016.

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